A board dedicated to the most important things in life - the rules of the forum, the plot of the forum, announcements past and present. You may find all of this and more here, laid out for your reading pleasure.
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PLOT by technicolour Capitalist May 1, 2016 21:11:46 GMT
Want to know what's going on here? Don't we all, buddy.
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New Discord Link by somnolentEuphorbia Jun 14, 2017 22:17:14 GMT
If there's anything you want to know or want to see regarding this site, post here. Questions regarding site lore should go under the site lore development sub-board rather than here.
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New Discord Link by somnolentEuphorbia Jun 14, 2017 22:17:40 GMT
Talk about things here. Please note that this board is OOC, and that you shouldn't be roleplaying here - the rest of the forum is for that.
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Actual Permanent OOC Chat Link by telestialGrotto Jun 3, 2017 17:25:07 GMT
Post your character profile here using the profile base provided. These are essential, and must be created before you roleplay as your character elsewhere in the forum. Please don't post on someone else's character profile!
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catalyticGenesis by Daniella Giraldo Jun 22, 2024 17:21:54 GMT


Do you hate this game? Well, we do too! This game totally, absolutely sucks, and this is the forum to talk about just that: everything from how rad the moons and classpects are, to how scary the angels and horrorterrors are can go here - heck, do you think your about to die in some horrible game quest related scenario? You can probably get some help here!
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New Discord Link by somnolentEuphorbia Dec 30, 2018 3:24:34 GMT
As the great gentlemanMannerism once said, the best way to start any conversation is with a friendly hello - although you should probably avoid a handshake, because not everyone takes to you sticking your hand in their face very well. Here you can talk about anything and everything not related to SBURB. Reminisce, fantasize, and dream. Anything to get out of this stupid game for a while.
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New Discord Link by somnolentEuphorbia Dec 30, 2018 3:25:07 GMT
Create your very own, genuine, one of a kind SBURB session thread here! Please keep in mind that you should not be posting in a thread that you don't belong to - it gets really confusing if you start talking in a thread that you aren't in the session for, ok?
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Dead or Alive; Beach Volleyball Session by Pearl Dec 17, 2023 22:20:22 GMT
Store your data here - FAQs, individual logs, important notes that you need to remember, a diary. Whatever it may be, this board is protected by a bunch of Others day and night for the express purpose of being really safe! All threads should be marked [OPEN] or [CLOSED].
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[OPEN] Rain Aspect Thread by Juana Jul 12, 2024 23:38:44 GMT
Here, you can find a mass storage of live footage of SBURB games and related events! Except for some reason those words are written in prose, and that script is written kind of like a bunch of people are roleplaying the scenarios with one and other. Funny how that works. All threads should be marked as [OPEN] or [CLOSED].
OOC NOTE: This is the only forum where traditional roleplaying should take place.
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